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Rogers Collaborates with MSU Investigating Adolescent Victimization and Well-Being


Ethan Rogers, assistant research scientist in the Crime and Justice Policy Research Program, is teaming up with researchers from Michigan State University (MSU) to study important policy-relevant questions on violence, victimization, and well-being.

As part of the newly established research partnership, Rogers will work in close collaboration with Chris Melde, Director of MSU's School of Criminal Justice. Together Rogers and Melde will analyze data already collected by MSU and disseminate their findings through peer-reviewed journals.

"I am very excited to be working with Ethan in this collaboration," Melde said. "The research we will conduct tackles critical questions, including questions about adolescent victimization and well-being."

The research team will start their collaboration with an investigation into adolescent exposure to multiple types of violence or victimization, referred to as "polyvictimization." Using survey responses from fifth and seventh grade students in Flint, Michigan, Rogers and Melde will examine the prevalence, nature, and seriousness of polyvictimization. Additionally, they will explore the neighborhood, family, and school risk factors that may be associated with a higher risk of multiple types of victimization, including physical assault at school, domestic violence, bullying, and witnessing violence. The goal is to provide researchers, school administrators, and the public with findings that may be used to better understand polyvictimization in high-risk schools and offer possible pathways for program and policy intervention.

Rogers and Melde will also explore the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic affected adolescent well-being. Using data from a randomized controlled trial of a comprehensive school safety initiative, the team will examine behavioral changes after the switch from in-person to online schooling.

Rogers is excited and eager about this unique opportunity to collaborate with Melde across institutions on such important research.

"I am looking forward to this chance to work closely with such a skilled set of researchers," Rogers said. "I've followed Chris's work on violence and victimization for years and am excited to learn from him during our work together."