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Staff Spotlight: Mike Oie


Mike Oie, data manager at the Iowa Social Science Research Center (ISRC), has a background in political science and previously worked in data management for several non-profits and other universities before coming to Iowa. His work at the ISRC perfectly combines data management and social science research, two of his main interests. His responsibilities involve programming questionnaires into survey software at the beginning of a project, data cleaning at the end of projects, and consulting work.

While in grad school, Mike discovered his passion for research lies in the process of finding data, working with the numbers, and presenting them in his projects - all of which he gets to do at the ISRC. One of Mike's favorite parts of his job is working with so many different researchers from various fields and learning about their work.

Beyond the ISRC, Mike enjoys running and improving his golf game. He also has a passion for English Premier League football, and his favorite team is the Tottenham Hotspur.

Thanks for all that you do, Mike!