Headshot of Joanne Constantin.
May 24, 2023

Joanne Constantin

Meet Joanne Constantin, fourth-year PhD candidate in Health Services and Policy!

Joanne Constantin is a fourth-year PhD candidate in health services and policy with a focus on health economics from Beirut, Lebanon! She previously earned her Master's degree in Public Health from American University of Beirut. In 2021 Constantin started working with Dr. Brian Lai and Jennifer Noyce on the IowaRISE initiative to support undergraduate students through high impact services. Presently she is working with Dr. Elizabeth Momany and Dr. Dan Shane on the evaluation of the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan, specifically working on the emergency department and cost analyses. 

Constantin's personal research interests focus on the intersection of health policies, access to care, health outcomes, and the social determinants of health. In an applied sense, she is most interested in health services and policy addressing inequities in infant, child, and maternity health. 

In the future, Constantin aspires to pursue a career in academia where she is able to continue producing pioneering research that will inform policy and practice and eventually bridge the existing gaps in access and use of health services, and population health outcomes.

Outside of the her work, Joanne loves to bake, particularly Lebanese lazy cakes which are her favorite dessert to make!