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Pacheco Leads Project for the Seeding Excellence Initiative


Julianna Pacheco, director of the Politics and Policy Research Program, was selected by the Research Development Office within the Office of the Vice President for Research to participate in the Seeding Excellence Initiative. The awards range from $25,000-$50,000 and are made possible through funding from the public-private partnership Year 1 funding cycle.

Many of the Seeding Excellence projects involve partnerships with community organizations and seek to address real-world challenges that face Iowans today. Pacheco will lead an interdisciplinary team to explore voter turnout and civic engagement for Latinos across all of Iowa's 99 counties. The project partners with Nicholas Salazar of the League of United Latin American Citizens to better examine the barriers to voter turnout. 

The team will use a mixed methods approach that combines quantitative analyses of administrative voting data and qualitative analyses of focus groups across Iowa with the goal of exploring disparities in voter turnout between Latinx/o/a and white Iowans. 

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