Headshot of Evan Doyle
Student Spotlight |
August 30, 2023

Student Spotlight: Evan Doyle

Meet Evan Doyle, second-year graduate student in the School of Planning and Public Affairs

Evan Doyle is a graduate student from Donnellson, Iowa in the School of Planning and Public Affairs. Doyle has his B.B.A. in economics from the University of Iowa and an A.A. from Southeastern Community College.  

Doyle’s research area is social/ public policy and how policies affect different socioeconomic groups. He aims to disseminate accurate information about policies and their impacts through research projects and community involvement, with income as his main focus area. He is currently working closely with Lucie Laurian, senior faculty affiliate in the Environmental Policy Research Program. Their project focuses closely on the socioeconomic impacts of public libraries and their contributions to the resilience of populations that are most vulnerable to climate extremes, natural disasters, economic recessions, public health emergencies, and disinformation campaigns.  

In the future, Evan plans to use his degree to continue studying and analyzing public policies to communicate veracious, reliable information that the public and policy-makers can use to make well-informed decisions.