Crime & Justice Policy

James Wo

  • Research Fellow, Crime and Justice Policy Research Program
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminology


James Wo’s research and teaching interests are in criminology, collective mobilization and social action, research methods and statistics, and urban sociology with an emphasis on neighborhoods and crime. His approach is theoretically driven and draws from criminology, organizational sociology, and geography to examine the critical components of social organization within neighborhoods, how these components affect mechanisms of collective mobilization and social action, and the consequences of such action for neighborhood crime.  James is currently studying how neighborhoods change over time, how that change both affects and is affected by neighborhood crime, and the role certain land uses and business facilities play in that change.

Research Interests

  • Criminology
  • Urban Sociology
  • Organizations
  • Land Uses
  • Research Methods
  • Statistics

Educational Background

  • PhD, Criminology, Law & Society, University of California-Irvine, 2017
  • MA, Social Ecology, University of California-Irvine, 2012