The 2010 Iowa Child and Family Household Health Survey - Children’s Behavioral and Emotional Health in Iowa Brief

Willard, J.C.; Damiano, P.C.; Park, K.


The 2010 IHHS survey is the third such survey conducted by the PPC since 2000. The IHHS is a comprehensive, statewide effort to evaluate the health status, access to health care, and social environment of children of children and families in Iowa. For the 2010 survey, parents/guardians of a randomly selected child in an Iowa household were asked over 165 questions about the following topic areas: functional health status; insurance coverage; access/need; medical home; prescription medication; dental care; behavioral and emotional health care; child behavioral and emotional health; early childhood; child care; school; social determinants of health; nutrition; physical activity; parent health status/family health; substance use and gambling; and demographics.

This policy brief provides statewide results about issues related to the behavioral and emotional health of Iowa's children and their parents from the population-based 2010 Iowa Child and Family Household Health Survey (2010 HHS).