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2019-2020 Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) Evaluation Report

The State Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) is managed by the Family & Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) in an effort to educate youth on contraception and abstinence for pregnancy prevention and preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In addition, PREP program curricula may also cover healthy relationships, adolescent development, financial literacy, parental communication, education and/or career success and healthy life skills. PREP programming targets at risk youth ages 10-19 who might be in foster care, experiencing homelessness, pregnant or parenting, come from racial or ethnic minority groups or live in rural areas or areas with high teen birth rates. FYSB awards grants to state agencies and organizations to execute evidence-based program models or incorporate ele- ments of programs that have been proven on the basis of rigorous scientific research to change behavior, which means delaying sexual activity, increasing the use of contraceptives for sexually active youth, or reducing pregnancy among youth. Participating states may choose from a list of 37 evidence-based programs selected by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, or other models that meet the requirement of being rigorously evaluated. In Iowa, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) is the administrator of the PREP funding. Community-based organizations or agencies across Iowa are able to apply for funding through a competitive grant process. IDPH then awards contracts to selected organizations based on need and capacity to deliver programming. The IDPH currently offers grantees to choose between the Teen Outreach Program (TOP) curricula and Wise Guys curricula.

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