Transportation & Vehicle Safety Policy

Driver compliance with stop signs at pedestrian crosswalks on a university campus.

DeVeauuse, N.; Kim, K.; Peek-Asa, C.; McArthur, D.; Kraus, J.
1999 May


Pedestrians on college campuses interact continuously with various motorized vehicles. Rates of compliance with stop signs at pedestrian crosswalks and noncomplying vehicles were monitored in spring 1996 on a large urban campus. The number of pedestrians, pedestrian clearance, type of vehicle, hour of day, and day of week were monitored at 3 pedestrian crosswalks. The overall compliance rate for stop signs was 22.8 per 100 vehicles, ranging from 1.4 per 100 for bicycles to 46.2 per 100 for commuter vans. Compliance increased to 53 per 100 vehicles when pedestrians were present in the crosswalk. Several differences in compliance rates were found among the observation sites. Lowest compliance was observed for bicycles and motorcycles. Pedestrians on this and other college campuses risk injuries because of violations of pedestrian right-of-way laws. The problem calls for appreciable educational efforts by college health personnel.