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Experiences of Iowa Medicaid Chronic Condition Health Home Enrollees

To evaluate the experiences of enrollees in the Iowa Medicaid Chronic Condition Health Home program (CCHH), we sent a survey to a sample of enrollees in the fall of 2017 asking about their experiences in the previous six months. This report focuses on the findings from the 2017 survey and, for the adults (for whom the number of enrollees is large enough), changes in experience over time are also presented (i.e., from when the program was “new” (2012-2013) through 2017).


In general, for both CCHH populations (adult and child), the experiences of enrollees regarding health status, utilization, and healthcare in 2017 were comparable to 2015.

There did seem to be a decrease in the member’s knowledge about their involvement in a CCHH. For both populations, even though the vast majority could identify having a personal doctor (89% adults; 97% parents of CCHH children) and most reported longevity (5 or more years) with that personal doctor (56% adults; 68% parents/children), awareness of whether or not their personal doctor was in the office that introduced them to health home program had decreased. A little over half (52%) of adults and a little under one-third (31%) of parents of CCHH children reported that their personal doctor was in a Medicaid health home.

Bentler, S. E., McInroy, B., Momany, E., & Damiano, P. Experiences of Iowa Medicaid Chronic Condition Health Home Enrollees. : University of Iowa Public Policy Center.