Health Behaviors and Health Literacy of IowaCare Enrollees with Diabetes: Third Report in a Series of Evaluations of the IowaCare Program

Askelson, N.M.; Momany, E.T.; Damiano, P.C.


This report presents the results of in-depth interviews conducted to assess the impact of IowaCare on the preventive health behavior, chronic care management, health information seeking, and health literacy of IowaCare enrollees. It is one in a series of evaluations of the IowaCare program, which is designed to provide health care to low-income adults in Iowa. This evaluation was conducted at the request of the Iowa Department of Human Services (IDHS) as part of their compliance to continue the IowaCare program, an 1115(a) demonstration project approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).The evaluation includes in-depth qualitative interviews designed to follow-up on specific issues raised in the 2008 survey. Researchers at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center (PPC) conducted this study with funding provided by the IDHS. Information and conclusions presented in this report are the responsibility of the authors and do not represent the views of the IDHS, CMS, IowaCare or University of Iowa.