"I Don't Want to be Stereotyped": A Study With Latinx High School Students Informed by Photovoice

Eighteen students, who self-identified as Latinx, from a rural, Midwestern community participated in this study. The participants were enrolled in their high school’s “Risk Academy,” a program designed for students labeled “at risk.” Data shared in this article stem from a larger study where we applied photovoice, a critical, participatory research methodology that utilizes participant voice and photography, to better understand the students’ sense of belonging in and connectedness to their high school. We focus here specifically on qualitative results from analyses of group conversations with the participants. In these conversations we strove to facilitate a space for the students to discuss their lived educational experiences and to engage in related critical dialogue. Qualitative results are presented through three emergent themes: Separation and Negative Narratives; Lack of Support; and Resilience.