Crime & Justice Policy

Micro-Scale, Meso-Scale, Macro-Scale, and Temporal Scale: Comparing the Relative Importance for Robbery Risk in New York City

Hipp, J.R.; Kim, Y.A.; Wo, J.C.


We compare the relative importance of four dimensions for explaining the micro location of robberies: 1) the micro spatial scale of street segments; 2) the meso spatial scale surrounding the street segment; 3) the temporal pattern, and 4) the macro-scale of the surrounding 2.5 miles. This study uses crime, business, and land use data from New York City and aggregates it to street segments and hours of the day. Although the measures capturing the micro-scale of the street segment explained the largest amount of unique variance, the measures capturing temporal scale across hours of the day (and weekdays) explained the next largest amount of unique variance. The measures of the characteristics in the 2.5 miles macro scale explained the next largest amount of unique variance, and combined with the measures at the meso-scale explained nearly as much of the variance as the street segment measures.