PCDH Project, Phase 3: Practice- and System-Level Measure Concepts Survey, Results, and Modifications

Reynolds, J.C.; Herndon, J.Boylston; Damiano, P.C.


The goal of the Patient-Centered Dental Home (PCDH) project is to develop a standardized model of care that comple- ments and integrates with the patient-centered medical home. The model is being developed in four phases, using a consensus-based process with a National Advisory Committee (NAC), that began with identifying the essential char- acteristics of a PCDH and will culminate in a measurement framework to assess and improve PCDH quality across different care settings.

Phase 1 resulted in the following, consensus-built definition of a PCDH: The patient-centered dental home is a model of care that is accessible, comprehensive, continuous, coordinated, patient- and family-centered, and focused on quality and safety as an integrated part of a health home for people throughout the life span.

In Phase 2, the NAC identified the components that fit within each PCDH characteristic.

In Phase 3, the NAC began by rating measure concepts that reflect potential measures to be nested under each component. During the Fall 2019, the NAC rated 62 measure concepts applicable at the practice/clinic level