Post-Enrollment Experiences of Iowa Medicaid Health Home Program Adults and Children

Bentler, S.E.; Damiano, P.C.; Momany, E.T.; McInroy, B.; Robinson, E.


The Iowa Medicaid Health Home program enables health care providers in the state of Iowa to offer additional services for their Medicaid patients who have specific chronic conditions. The Iowa Health Home model was authorized under a state plan amendment approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services with providers enrolling eligible Medicaid members beginning on July 1, 2012.

A Health Home is a specific designation under section 2703 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It is a care model that provides patient-centered, whole person, coordinated care for all stages of life and transitions of care specifically for individuals with chronic illnesses. For Iowa Medicaid, Health Home practices are enrolled Medicaid provider organizations capable of providing enhanced personal, coordinated care for Medicaid enrollees meeting program eligibility criteria. In return for the enhanced care provided, the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME) offers providers monthly care coordination payments and the potential for annual performance-based incentives designed to improve patient health outcomes and lower overall Medicaid program costs.