SIM Baseline Outcomes and Data Acquisition Progress Report

The State Innovation Model grant has three primary aims.

  1. Improve population health
  2. Transform health care
  3. Promote sustainability

Findings provided in this report indicate that, for Medicaid members, the rate of emergency department visits and the total cost of health care have not decreased since the beginning of the SIM innovation, however hospital readmission rates have decreased from CY 2015 to CY 2016. 

The rates of preventive care for people with diabetes also did not change over the 2 year time-frame, though the rates of admission for long-term and short-term complications of diabetes showed signs of decreasing.

At the state level, using the BRFSS data, there has been an increase in Iowans who report being overweight or obese over the last 5 years, while tobacco use rates have been remaining steady or falling. Since, 2011 the tobacco use rates in 18-24 year olds has fallen over 10 percentage points, with a 4 percentage point drop from CY 2015 to CY 2016.

Momany, E., Bentler, S. E., & Damiano, P. SIM Baseline Outcomes and Data Acquisition Progress Report. : University of Iowa Public Policy Center.