Transcription Support

The ISRC offers transcription support for student and faculty researchers. We transcribe audio and video files from interviews, focus groups, and other forms of conversation, into documents. Executive summaries of the transcribed materials can also be provided. Our services support a variety of research projects - for example, we recently completed focus group transcriptions for a project aimed at reducing disparities in drinking water access led by Samantha Zuhlke, assistant professor in the School of Planning and Public Affairs.

“Working with the ISRC was great!" Zuhlke reflected. "The staff was professional, responsive, and flexible. The transcripts were high quality and were completed on time."

The ISRC also offers data coding services, including manual and semi-automated coding to identify and synthesize themes in the transcribed conversation or speech.

Our transcription service is student driven – the ISRC hires and trains University of Iowa students to work as transcriptionists. In addition to CITI certification to ensure research subjects’ rights, our students complete HIPAA privacy training certification prior to employment at our research center.