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Renee Schulte

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Former Iowa State Representative

Renee Schulte is the owner of Schulte Consulting LLC. A former Iowa legislator and mental health therapist, Renee spear-headed the passage of mental health and disability services (MHDS) redesign in 2011-2012. Currently, Renee has a unique opportunity to consult with the Mental Health Division of the Iowa Department of Human Services to implement the reform policy. Her work on MHDS reform won nine awards including the Iowa Mental Health Counselor Association award for bipartisan leadership 2012, the Gold Star Award from Iowa Sheriff’s and Deputies Association 2012 and the Iowa Hospital Association Legislator of the Year 2012. Schulte Consulting offers strategic planning in mental health, healthcare, legislative process and environment. She is married to Brent, the discipleship pastor at Antioch Christian Church, and lives in Cedar Rapids.