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Roger Wolf

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Director of Environmental Programs & Services Iowa Soybean Association

Roger Wolf is the Director of Environmental Programs and Services for the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) and Executive Director of Agriculture’s Clean Water Alliance (ACWA). Since 2000, Roger secured and oversaw investment of more than $20 million and currently maintains an operating budget of around $2 million annually. These programs support work and active engagement on thousands of farms across Iowa and the Upper Midwest farming region as well as coordinating with more than of 35 public and private collaborators annually. A notable feature of this work is the role of monitoring, data analytics and planning for impactful decision-making.  Roger is a member of the US Water Alliance Board of Directors.  He an active proponent of the One Water Management approach with the belief that leaders in agriculture and the water sector have significant opportunities to work together in new and innovative ways to reduce nutrient pollution as well as improve natural resource management in Iowa and within the Mississippi River Basin. Roger has more than 26 years of agricultural conservation resource management experience and holds a bachelor’s degree in geography from the University of Iowa. Roger and his wife Anne have four adult children and live near Cumming, Iowa.