Web-Based Data Collection

The ISRC utilizes the Qualtrics on-line system to provide secure, web-based, survey services.  In spring of 2011, The University of Iowa established Qualtrics as the replacement for Websurveyor, its earlier web-based survey support system. The University of Iowa’s Information Technology Service (ITS) maintains the service accounts and provides security for end users. Qualtrics has thus far proven itself to be a flexible platform and, as with the Telephone-Based Data Collection system, Qualtrics software optimizes clean and efficient data collection with the following features:

  • Sample Management
  • Programming of Skip Patterns
  • Answer Range Limitations
  • The Randomization of Questions or Answer Sets and
  • Tracking respondent behavior, when appropriate


[collapsed title="Deliverables"]

  • Reports: Disposition reports are available at the end of data collection (and at intervals while in field) to allow close monitoring of response rates, quality and quotas.
  • Raw Data: Final raw data sets may be made available in a statistics package of preference, including: SPSS, SAS, STAT, EXCEL
  • Analysis/Report-Writing: Basic descriptive statistics, analysis and/or report writing are available upon consult
  • Consultation: methodological consults and referrals may be requested

ISRC staff is available for consultation on survey research issues.  To discuss survey research projects and needs or for further details and information, contact Lisa Halm-Werner: lisa-werner@uiowa.edu, 319-384-3389.

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