Kromphardt Presents at Quality Matters ConnectLX Conference

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Chris Kromphardt, education support services manager at the Public Policy Center, recently gave a presentation called “Every Journey Starts Somewhere - Micro-Credentialing to Support Experiential Learning Initiatives” at Quality Matters (QM) ConnectLX, a conference held virtually from November 3-5.  

QM describes itself as “the global organization leading quality assurance in online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments.” The conference provided hands-on, practical learning opportunities aligned with QM’s mission to promote and improve the quality of online education and student learning nationally and internationally. 

Kromphardt’s presentation described objectives, design choices, and challenges faced during the development of pedagogically sound, fully asynchronous online learning modules. These modules, which award microcredentials that recognize student learning and can be shared on LinkedIn, play a role in the IowaRISE initiative. Modules are designed to help student participants learn foundational knowledge and competencies in preparation for more hands-on learning, such as joining a research team. 

Kromphardt’s co-presenter was Mark Anthoney, lead instructional designer in Distance and Online Education. Kromphardt and Anthoney collaborated on multiple aspects of building a prototype module. This module—which is now fully functional, and has awarded several students a microcredential recognizing their achievement—serves as a model for additional modules under development, including those on mentoring, service learning, civic engagement, DEI, and others.