a professor at the front of a lecture hall giving a lesson, students raising their hands

PPC Faculty and Staff Who Made a Difference


Several PPC faculty and staff have been named to the annual list of faculty and staff members who made a positive difference in the lives of UI's graduating seniors. These members were identified via the UI Senior Exit Survey, which all undergraduates are invited to complete at the time they file to graduate.

The following were mentioned by five or more students:

  • Tom Rice
    Distinguished Research Fellow, Politics and Policy Research Program
    Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Eric Tate
    Senior Faculty Affiliate, Environmental Policy Research Program
    Associate Professor, Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences
  • James Wo
    Research Fellow, Crime and Justice Policy Research Program
    Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminology
  • David Gould
    Visiting Associate Professor, University College
  • John Zielke
    Adjunct Instructor, Department of Sociology and Criminology

Find the full list of faculty and staff named here. Thank you for making a difference!