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Broton and Nabhan-Warren Receive P3 Funding


The University of Iowa Strategic Initiatives Fund (P3) will distribute up to $15 million across several new projects in FY2024 dedicated to enhancing student success, retaining critical employees, and sharing faculty research and scholarship with the public. From a total of 33 campuswide project proposals, two PPC affiliates had their projects selected and approved for P3 funding. 

Katharine Broton, senior research fellow in the Social and Education Policy Research Program, was approved for $130,617 to lead a project evaluating the effect university need-based financial aid has on students' GPA, credits earned, retention, and graduation. Involving close collaboration between researchers and campus stakeholders, findings from the study will support the expansion or refinement of financial assistance programs with the goal of ultimately improving academic success and reducing academic disparities among students. 

Kristy Nabhan-Warren, associate vice president for research in the Office of the Vice President for Research, was approved for $270,000 to lead a project that aims to equip faculty with the skills to communicate their and scholarship to wider audiences outside of academia. By providing workshops on writing effectively for public news outlets in a variety of forms, this initiative will extend the reach of academic knowledge and help Iowa become a leader in communicating research and scholarship to the public.