Stock photo of trophy.

Boehmke and Farthing Honored with Collegiate Teaching Awards


Fred Boehmke, director of the Iowa Social Science Research Center and professor of political science, along his wife Cynthia Farthing, associate professor of instruction in mathematics, were both recipients of Collegiate Teaching Awards for the 2022-23 school year. The CTAs are presented annually to honor faculty members who demonstrate exemplary performance in their work. “I ended up with my name on the award, but it's because of all the other people that have helped me,” says Boehmke in regards to receiving the award. Farthing sees the award as motivation for her to continue her current teaching practices, stating “It’s so nice to be recognized, and it provides me with further motivation to keep trying to make my courses better for my students.” 

Congratulations, Fred and Cynthia!

Fred Boehmke and Cynthia Farthing