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Mitchell Discusses New Hampshire Primary on Iowa Public Radio


Sara Mitchell, a senior research fellow in the Politics and Policy Research Program, recently appeared on Iowa Public Radio's 'River to River' podcast, alongside Jonathan Hassid, an associate professor of political science at Iowa State University. They discussed the results of the New Hampshire primary, drawing comparisons between the outcomes in New Hampshire and Iowa and emphasizing the importance for candidates to appeal to independent voters.

During the conversation, Mitchell covered various topics, including Haley's financial considerations in remaining in the race, Trump's influence in Nevada, and the implications associated with "winner take all" states like California. She highlighted the high stakes involved in such states.

A notable aspect of Mitchell's discussion was the ongoing questions about the mental acuity of some candidates on both sides of the aisle. She pointed out how this remains a significant consideration for independent voters in this year's presidential race.

For those interested in the full segment, it is available here.