Characteristics of general dentists participating in home study courses.

With an increasing number of states requiring continuing dental education (CDE) for license renewal, dentists are opting for different ways of earning these credit hours beyond the traditional didactic presentation. One alternative is a home study correspondence course. Little is known about the type of dentists who participate in these home study courses. This study examines characteristics of 507 general dentists in Ohio who were required to submit information concerning their CDE courses and credit hours during the biennium, 1992-93. Twenty-five percent of the general dentists took at least one home study course, and approximately five percent of those dentists participating in any home study earned all their credit hours this way. A logistic regression model indicated that home study users are less likely to be ADA members and less likely to leave the state for any CDE. This study suggests that the current methods of home study courses may provide continuing education opportunities for dentists who otherwise might not be reached by more traditional ways of CDE.
Kuthy, R., Bean, ., & Mitchell, . Characteristics of general dentists participating in home study courses.. 60 8 686-92. .