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Dietary fluoride supplements for Ohio children--the role of the physician.

1. All children should receive one form of systemic fluoride and appropriate forms of topical fluoride. 2. If a child is not receiving optimally fluoridated water, the physician or dentist should prescribe dietary fluoride supplements (tablets or drops). 3. The correct dosage must be determined based on patient age and fluoride content of the patient's main water source(s). 4. Special attention is necessary concerning fluoride intake for children breast-feeding or consuming infant formula. 5. To determine the correct fluoride dose, these steps should be followed: A. Always have a sample of the main drinking water source (usually home water) analyzed for the fluoride content before prescribing a fluoride supplement, if you do not have other specific knowledge of water fluoride content. The Ohio Department of Health, Division of Laboratories can provide water fluoride-testing services. B. When the fluoride content of the water has been determined, the fluoride level and the child's age should be compared to the Supplemental Fluoride Dosage Schedule to identify the correct supplement dose. 6. The Division of Dental Health, Ohio Department of Health can provide a list of communities that are optimally fluoridated. Please contact: Ohio Department of Health Division of Dental Health 246 N. High Street Columbus, Ohio 43266-0588 (614) 466-4180
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