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Iowa Family Planning Demonstration Evaluation Third Waiver Period

 The 1115 Family Planning Demonstration “Iowa Family Planning Network” began in February 1,

2006. The State of Iowa has continued the 1115 Family Planning Demonstration, with the program

currently extended through December, 2016. The waiver provides family planning services to men

and women 12–54 years of age with income not exceeding 300% of FPL for the family size. The

extension contains the objectives listed below.

  1. Improve the access to and use of Medicaid family planning services by women who havereceived a Medicaid pregnancy related service.
  2. Improve birth outcomes and the health of women by increasing the child spacing interval among women in the target population.
  3. Decrease the number of Medicaid-paid deliveries, which will reduce annual expenditures for
  4.  prenatal, delivery newborn, and infant care.
  5. Reduce the number of unintended and unwanted pregnancies among women eligible for Medicaid.
  6. Reduce teen pregnancy by reducing the number of repeat teen births.
  7. Estimate the overall savings in Medicaid spending attributable to providing family planning services to women for 2 years postpartum.

To date, the waiver program has had a number of successes.

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