Evaluation of Iowa's Family Planning Waiver

The State of Iowa is expanding an 1115 Family Planning Demonstration through December, 2013. Iowa was awarded a Medicaid Family Planning Waiver in 2006 to extend provision of family planning services to low income women who otherwise would not be eligible for such coverage. In addition, family planning services are offered for one year postpartum to women who have delivered within the Medicaid program. This demonstration includes all women at or below 200% poverty who are between 13 and 44 years of age.

The demonstration is designed to fund additional family planning services through savings realized in averting unplanned pregnancies and births. It is anticipated that the waiver will result in an increase in the proportion of Medicaid clients receiving family planning services and reduce the rate of repeat births. Medicaid claims and enrollment data are used to determine birth rates, repeat birth rates and costs associated with births and family planning services. Costs associated with births include delivery, neonatal services, and medical services within the first year of life. Family planning costs include family planning services provided at Family Planning Clinics or physician offices. All costs are calculated using Medicaid fee schedules for specific providers. A repeat birth is defined as a birth within 24 months of a previous delivery.

Since the introduction of the waiver the number of women receiving Medicaid-funded family planning services has increased.

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