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Iowa Wellness Plan Evaluation - Interim Report CY 2016

This report provides the results of an evaluation of the costs and outcomes of the Iowa Wellness Plan (IWP), Iowa’s version of the Medicaid expansion, during calendar year 2016. IWP expanded health care coverage to Iowans who, with incomes from 0-138% of the Federal Poverty Level, are not categorically eligible for Medicaid. This report found that the cost of the Medicaid expansion was below that for comparable adults in the Medicaid program. Additionally, trends in quality measures indicate that this coverage also improved access to primary care and screening during the first two years of the program.

Momany, E., Shane, D., Damiano, P., Bentler, S. E., Nguyen-Hoang, P., & Wachsmuth, J. Iowa Wellness Plan Evaluation - Interim Report CY 2016. : University of Iowa Public Policy Center.