IowaRISE Initiative Selected for Allocation of P3 Funds

Iowa RISE logo

The IowaRISE Initiative, a program designed to support student career and life discernment through expanded participation in Research, Internship, Service learning, and civic Engagement activities, was selected to receive $350,000 for AY 2022. IowaRISE was one of five proposals selected to receive funds supporting the UI strategic plan, made available by the UI’s establishment of a Public/Private Partnership (P3) to manage the University’s utilities over the next 50 years.

This support will be used to continue building the infrastructure for expanding IowaRISE activities including: 

  • Development and support of research teams to provide more opportunities for students to work directly with research faculty and staff. Support will include research seed grant funding for faculty, training and support for both faculty mentors and students, and the development of a centralized clearinghouse to connect researchers and students.
  • Mentoring and internship pilot projects that engage and connect faculty, students, alumni, and community partners. Programs for both graduate and undergraduate students will focus on rigorous preparation, reflection, and partnerships to expand opportunities for students to connect course work with experiential opportunities and career discernment. 
  • Learning module development which will create a series of asynchronous learning opportunities and micro-credentials to prepare students to embark on research, internships, service learning, and other engaged IowaRISE activities. 
  • Coordination of service learning and civic engagement activities to help provide students with a guided pathway into these experiences. 

More than 200 people from across campus have been involved in guiding this initiative over 3 years as part of the UI Path Forward Strategic Plan Engagement Work Group. IowaRISE activities are being developed using an inclusive model of subcommittees - including faculty, staff and students from across campus - to ensure that this distributed initiative will capture the expertise needed to succeed while involving the constituencies that will be necessary for implementation in the future. This initiative is rooted in the premise that the teaching and arts/research/scholarship missions of the University can be deeply enriched when we tie theories and concepts to practice and when we connect the work of our classrooms, labs, and studios with the world around us. The Path Forward Engagement work group was led by Teresa Mangum (Director, Obermann Center for Advancement) and Peter Damiano (Director, Public Policy Center). The Public Policy Center will coordinate the activities of IowaRISE during this building/pilot phase. 

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