Crime & Justice Policy

Criminology Mentoring Program

Image of hand drawing criminology word cloud inside a lightbulb on a chalk board

A Criminology Mentoring Program (CSI:3400) will be offered in Fall of 2021, for students pursuing a career in Criminology who are interested in guidance and career options in the field. The course is taught by John Zielke, fellow of practice in the Crime and Justice Policy Research Program.

The course will include the creation of an individual development plan, one-on-one meetings with the instructor, and bi-monthly group meetings to discuss aspects of Criminology from a practical perspective. Class will be taught using a mixed format of group/individual discussion and guest speakers from various Criminology-related career fields. 

Course goals include:

  •  Identifying interests and strengths through self-exploration, reflection, and discussion; 
  • Researching and discussing career options in Criminology; 
  • Preparing for the Criminology Capstone and/or an Internship Program

This course will be taken as a Pass/Non-Pass option and is worth one credit hour. 

This course is sponsored by University College, the Public Policy Center, and the Department of Sociology and Criminology.

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