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Mitchell Awarded Summer Policy Research Program Funds

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Sara Mitchell, senior research fellow in the Politics and Policy Research Program, was awarded funding through the Public Policy Center's Summer Policy Research Program (SPRP) for her project, "Disaster-Driven Migration and Conflict and the Role of Government and Third Party Action." Elise Pizzi, research fellow in the Politics and Policy Research Program, will also work on the project.

The project will explore the role of government policy and third-party action in environmental migration and disaster response and will analyze what types of policy responses best reduce the likelihood of post-disaster conflicts. Political Science undergraduate, Chloe Clemenson, will work on the project, helping to collect pilot data; doing news searches on individual disasters; and assisting with converting information from countries, nongovernmental organizations, and intragovernmental organizations into codable data.

The SPRP is meant to encourage more undergraduate student participation in faculty research by providing funding to researchers for hiring students to work on their projects.

You can read more about Mitchell's project here.