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The Marketplace Choice Plan was implemented but did not have a stable set of Qualified Health Plans. Beginning with two QHPs in January 2014, there was one remaining QHP in December 2014 and no QHPs by December 2015. There most members enrolled in a month was 73% in October 2014. With only 9 months in which the percent of MPC members enrolled in a QHP was at least 50%, there is little reason to expect consistent and lasting results from this plan structure.

In the report we indicate, generally, the answers to seven questions that formed the basis of the MPC evaluation. This evidence is taken from the current report and a number of other reports that have been completed relating to Iowa Health and Wellness Plan (IHAWP).

Momany, E., Bentler, S. E., McKernan, S., Damiano, P., Askelson, N., Wright, B., Shane, D., & Nguyen-Hoang, P. Iowa's Marketplace Choice Summative Report. : University of Iowa Public Policy Center.