My Car Does What? Educates Consumers on Safety Features


In January 2014, The University of Iowa (UI) and its partners began an automotive safety research program to develop and implement a national education campaign aimed at helping drivers understand safety technologies and features in their vehicles.

First year efforts were concentrated on conducting a first-ever National Survey  to measure knowledge and understanding of advanced vehicle safety technologies and lay the foundation for a national education campaign that will achieve over 2.5 billion media impressions. Additionally, the UI and their partner, the National Safety Council underwent an exhaustive branding process to identify and select the brand for the campaign. The campaign is titled, MyCarDoesWhat? The campaign includes a comprehensive media package that features videos, info-graphics, social media, games, apps all available to the consumer on the website.

You can access the First Year Report below.

The three major components of the UI project are: 

  1. National Survey 
  2. a National Education Campaign; and
  3. a series of automotive research studies.

Visit each of the pages above to read in depth about all components of the project.

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The funds for the grants are provided as part of the Safety Research and Education Program established by the recent Toyota Economic Loss class action settlement. All research and safety campaign information is developed independently by the University of Iowa and the National Safety Council. All content, views and conclusions are expressed by the University of Iowa and the National Safety Council and have not been sponsored, approved or endorsed by Toyota or the plaintiff’s class counsel.