Toyota Safety Research and Education Program Research

In January 2014, the Vehicle Safety and Transportation Research Program received three grants totaling $17.2 million to fund automotive safety research and the development and implementation of a national education campaign to help drivers understand the safety technologies in vehicles. The funds are part of the Safety Research and Education Program established by the Toyota Economic Loss class action settlement in California.

The three major components of the program are: (1) a National Survey (completed June 2015); (2) a National Educational Campaign – to officially launch Fall 2015; and (3) a series of automotive research studies conducted at the University of Iowa and the National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS).

First year efforts were concentrated on conducting a first-ever National Survey to measure knowledge and understanding of advanced vehicle safety technologies and lay the foundation for a National Education Campaign targeted at 90% of the American driving public. For a complete report of the first year efforts of the program, please reference the Automotive Safety Research & Education Campaign Narrative Report, January 2015 below.