Iowa Dentist Workforce Atlas, 1997-2016

Infographic showing Iowa dentist demographics, 1997 versus 2016

This report describes historical dentist workforce trends in the state of Iowa using data from the Iowa Dentist Tracking System (IDTS). The IDTS is a longitudinal workforce tracking system maintained by the University of Iowa Office of Statewide Clinical Education Programs, which also tracks 4 additional health professions in addition to dentists: physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, and advance practice nurses. These tracking systems are unique in their comprehensiveness of data collection and maintenance, as well as their longevity. This atlas describes 20 years of historical dentist workforce trends since the inception of the IDTS in 1997.




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  1. Table of Contents
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Dentist Workforce Monitoring in Iowa
  4. Annual Inflow and Outflow of Iowa Dentists
  5. Workforce Trends, by Selected Variables
  6. Iowa Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas
  7. Other County-Level Data of Note
  8. Historical County Population-to-Dentist Ratio, Mid-1960s and Forward
  9. Iowa Dentist Workforce Publications and Grants
  10. Iowa Dental Association Studies Prior to the Iowa Dentist Tracking System


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Kuthy, R., McKernan, S., & Reynolds, J. Iowa Dentist Workforce Atlas, 1997-2016. : University of Iowa Public Policy Center.